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   “Beyond the Cap díAntibes,” writes David Dodge ... “come large stretches of lovely white sand, on which during the summer months a careful observer will often find art forms like the one that distinguishes the dust jacket of this book from ordinary dust jackets. Her name is Lilou.”
   A very careful observer will also note in this photograph the inquiring profile of the author engaged in the research that led to this joyous, captivating account of his “life and observations during about a decade of residence on the Côte díAzur.”

--Dust jacket blurb on the U.S. edition of The Rich Manís Guide to the Riviera, 1962

   It is interesting to note the discreet placement of graphic text in the American edition (left). The British edition (right) is much more revealing. This photograph was originally published in Holiday magazine (vol. 26, no. 2) in 1959 to accompany Dodge’s article, “Her Highness the Carlton.” The Hotel Carlton can be seen in the background. Photograph by Ewing Krainin.

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