Dodge Family Scrapbook


Shear the Black Sheep
20,000 Leagues back cover
Publicity photo for Shear the Black Sheep
(© Macmillan Co., 1942)
Publicity photo for 20,000 Leagues Behind the 8-Ball,
with illustrator Irv Koons
(© Random House, 1951)
Time Out for Turkey
Angel's Ransom
Publicity photo for Time Out for Turkey
(© Random House, 1955)
Publicity photo for Angel’s Ransom
(© Random House, 1956)
Poor Man's Guide to the Orient
Publicity photo for U.K. edition of Troubleshooter
(© Michael Joseph, 1972),
taken in Princeton, N.J., 1956
Publicity photo for The Poor Man’s Guide to the Orient
(© Simon & Schuster, 1965)
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