Dodge Family Scrapbook

Mexico: “How Green Was My Father”

Passport photo, 1946
Pan American Highway, 1946
Dodge family passport photo, 1946

Pan American Highway, Mexico, May 1946
(“Kendal took this picture”)
Xochimilco, 1946
Xochimilco, Mexico, May 1946
(with Betty Connell and children)
Mexico, 1946
Kendal and Elva, Mexico City, 1946


Mexico, 1946
Elva, Kendal, and Betty Connell, Mexico, 1946
Xochimilco, 1946
   “We all had to crawl out from under the canopy and crowd up front of the lancha ... The three kids stood in a row thwartwise in the bow, pinching each other surreptitiously. I got behind them, hunched over like a man with a bellyache, Elva and Betty flanked me ... After that we got our pictures -- they looked like something taken through a silk hat.”
   --How Green Was My Father, Chapter 4
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