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Mapy CortÚs in El Sexo Fuerto, 1945
Poster for El Sexo Fuerte (1945), starring Mapy Cortés.

Source: Agrasánchez, Rogelio, Jr. Carteles de le Época de Oro del Cine Mexicano = Poster Art from the Golden Age of Mexican Cinema. Harlington, Texas : Archivo Fílmico Agrasánchez, ©1997. ISBN 0-292-70485-2.

There are, I am told, enough interesting things within or near Mexico City to occupy months of steady sightseeing ... There was a gorgeous naked blonde plastered on billboards all over town advertising a movie called El Sexo Fuerte, but I didn’t get to go to that. The murals and the blonde were all of my cultural education. I didn’t even see a beisbol game or a bullfight.
   How Green Was My Father, Chapter 4
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