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Death and Taxes: None

Shear the Black Sheep: “Monnie” -- David’s mother, Maude “Monnie” Dodge. (One oh-so-clever book reviewer misconstrued “Monnie” to mean “Money”: “Mr. Dodge’s dedication reads, ‘This is for Monnie.’ We appreciate the absolute honesty of these words, and we hope he makes a lot of it.”)

Bullets for the Bridegroom: “Elvadee” -- Elva Keith Dodge, wife of David Dodge.

It Ain’t Hay: “Joe O’Ferrall, Chief of the Division of Narcotic Enforcement, Dept. of Justice, State of California, and the men who work with him” -- Enough said.

The Long Escape: “Don Gustavo Stahl of Guatemala” -- Friend of the Dodges, whom they met while living in Guatemala.

Plunder of the Sun: “Lettie Connell” -- David’s niece, daughter of his sister Kathryn (Lettie and her mother also had occasional roles in the productions of the Macondray Lane Players).

The Red Tassel: None

To Catch a Thief: “Kathryn, Frances, and Marian” -- David’s sisters.

Angel’s Ransom: “Pepe and Paquita” -- Pepe and Paquita Fernandez, friends of the Dodges who lived in Barcelona.

The Lights of Skaro: “George and Sophy Winterbotham” -- Friends of the Dodges.

Loo Loo’s Legacy: “Jean Ennis, who inspired it” -- Head of publicity for Random House.

Carambola: “Kendal” -- David and Elva Dodge’s daughter.

Hooligan: “Myra Waldo” -- Cookbook author, who was married to a Pan American executive (David had a deal with Pan Am for many years in which he would contribute material to their magazine in exchange for free airline tickets).

Troubleshooter: “Sheila” -- A Cape Malay woman who worked as the Dodge’s maid while they lived in Capetown. The Dodges continued to send money to her for many years after they left South Africa.


How Green Was My Father: “Kendal” -- David and Elva Dodge’s daughter.

How Lost Was My Weekend: “The memory of Aracely Franco de Keagy who liked the last one” -- Friend of the Dodges from Guatemala; she died while they were living there.

The Crazy Glasspecker: “Alan Collins and all the other Curtis-Brownies” -- David’s agent, head of the Curtis-Brown publishing house.

20,000 Leagues Behind the 8-Ball: “Gwen and Arthur Wall” -- David’s sister-in-law (Elva’s younger sister) and brother-in-law.

The Poor Man’s Guide to Europe: “Ida Keith” -- David’s mother-in-law; Elva’s mother.

Time Out for Turkey: “My Bride” -- Elva Dodge.

The Rich Man’s Guide to the Riviera: “La Belle Marianne” -- The female embodiment of France, pictured in a bikini, no doubt.

The Poor Man’s Guide to the Orient: “Jake and Liz Stokes” -- Best friends of the Dodges from Princeton, N.J.

Fly Down, Drive Mexico: “Jalisco Fats” -- David’s granddaughter Kendal (“Kendalita”).

[Editor’s note: Special thanks to Kendal Dodge Butler for filling in the gaps]

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