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Rich Man's Guide to the Riviera

   Dodge, an inveterate globetrotter, also had a successful second career as the author of a series of humorous, anecdotal travel guides. While most authors traveled in order to have inspiration to write, Dodge was fond of saying that he wrote so that he could afford to travel. It is not surprising that his travel literature also extols the different types of natural beauty found in the French Riviera. In The Poor Man’s Guide to Europe (Random House, 1953) he intermingles travel tips with humorous anecdotes of living in Europe. Naturally, there is a bikini episode complete with an illustration by Irv Koons. In his The Rich Man’s Guide to the Riviera (Little, Brown, 1962), Dodge even notes: “By the time I discovered the Côte d’Azur and its potentialities, the bikini was firmly settled on its adopted home grounds waiting for a historian.” While Dodge decided not to be the man for that job, one would never know it by looking at the dust jacket photograph of this, his last book about la belle France.

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