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   Kendal Dodge Butler, David Dodge’s daughter, provided me with invaluable information, editorial advice, corrections and clarifications, photographs, unflagging enthusiasm, and moral support. Read more about Kendal here.

   Lewis Butler (, Kendal’s stepson, gave me web design assistance and advice and also arranged for the site’s domain and server space at

   Mary Scott, of the Library Graphics Office at the University of California, Berkeley, helped me create many of the images found in these pages.

   Mike Mages helped me edit the Home Movies ... Heck, who are we kidding here? He did all of it. I just told him what I wanted and he made it happen. Thanks Mike!

   Kendal Reynoso Lukrich, David Dodge’s granddaughter, has picked right up where her mother left off with her enthusiastic support.

   Jean Buchanan, Oxford librarian, writer, and researcher extraordinaire, adapted To Catch a Thief for BBC Radio 4 and brought me along on the search for the Villa Noel Fleuri.

   Jonathan Eeds, publisher of Bruin Books, gave me the opportunity to contribute to the publication of new editions of David Dodge’s books, a dream come true.


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