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F24. The Last Match

F24.1. Adler, Dick. “Have a Very Noir Halloween.” Paperback Mysteries, October 23, 2006.
    “... the typescript ... sat in an archive until recently, when a librarian discovered it and sent it on its way to Hard Case - who by now have performed enough resurrections to qualify as a religion.” Mini-review, combined with Pete Hamill’s The Guns of Heaven.

F24.2. Allan, Paul Goat. Ransom Notes Reviews (Barnes & Noble), October 2006.
    “An unexpected treat for pulp noir aficionados: more than 30 years after the passing of David Dodge ... a previously unpublished novel lost among his papers after his death and unearthed decades later by a research librarian ...”

F24.3. Berrett, Jesse. What I’m Reading, November 6, 2006.
    “... as interesting for its backstory as its plot ... Makes you want to read a biography of someone so in command of such useful information.”

F24.4. Clarke, Craig. Craig’s Book Club, November 10, 2006?
    “A fine example of Dodge’s writing ... this book displays the easy flow of a writer who is very comfortable behind the typewriter.”

F24.5. ———. “Fantastic Con-Artist Portrayal.”, November 9, 2006.
    Reprint of the author’s Craig’s Book Club review; 5 stars.

F24.6. ———. “Dodge’s Last and Best.”, November 18, 2006.
    Reprint of the author’s Craig’s Book Club review; 5 stars.

F24.7. Crider, Bill. Bill Crider’s Pop Culture Magazine, October 21, 2006.
    “If you’re a fan of Gold Medal Books, you might like this one ... Besides the novel, there’s an entertaining afterword by David Dodge’s daughter. She clearly inherited a bit of her dad’s writing ability.”

F24.8. Fortier, Ron. Pulp Fiction Reviews, November 17, 2006.
    “Dodge amps the speed to a roller-coaster finale just as taut and suspenseful as any thriller I’ve ever enjoyed. This book is a treasure and kudos to [Hard Case Crime] for bringing it to us at long last.”

F24.9. Goldberg, Lee. “Another Reason to Love Hard Case Crime.” A Writer’s Life, August 14, 2006.
    “... echoes of TO CATCH A THIEF ... a sprawling international adventure ...”

F24.10. Gorman, Ed. “What Ed Read.” Bookgasm, ed. Rod Lott. October 6, 2006.
    “The word ‘picaresque’ is taken from a form of satirical prose originating in Spain, depicting realistically and often humorously the adventures of a low-born, roguish hero living by his/her wits in a corrupt society. This is the only word I can find to adequately describe THE LAST MATCH ...”

F24.11. Graff, Kier. The Booklist 103, no. 6 (November 15, 2006):33-34.
    “[The Last Match] remained among his papers until a professor [!] brought it to the publisher's attention ... good fun.”

F24.12. ———. “Unbound Galleys Revisited.” Likely Stories (Booklist Online), 2006.
    “The plot is a little wacky, but it keeps moving, and the language is full of zingy patter ... a real find.”

F24.13. Hartlaub, Joe., [2006].
    “Hard Case Crime aficionados should rejoice at this new offering ... an entertaining addition to the collection by an under-appreciated author who left us too early and with too little.”

F24.14. “Lost Crime Novel Surfaces by Author of To Catch a Thief.”, December 31, 2006.
    “Compulsively engrossing, The Last Match might just be the mystery book find of 2006.”

F24.15. “Match Game PM: A Review of David Dodge’s The Last Match.” The Uvula from Betelgeuse-4!, September 8, 2009.
    “As ever, you gotta love Hard Case Crime’s covers, even if the scenes that they illustrate aren’t of tremendous importance to the narrative or indeed stretch the linkage to the book’s contents to the breaking point and beyond.”

F24.16. Montgomery, David J. “David Dodge - The Last Match (2006).” Mystery Ink, October 2006.
    “An entertaining and fun read. This isn’t the best we’ve seen from Hard Case Crime, but ... still a worthy find.”

F24.17. ———. “Review of David Dodge’s ‘The Last Match.’” Crime Fiction Dossier, October 3, 2006.
    Reprint of the author’s Mystery Ink review.

F24.18. Moore, Jed. “Thrilling Novel Tough to ‘Match.’” The Badger Herald (University of Wisconsin-Madison), November 30, 2006.
    “The novel hits us on a gut level, with a punch that’s all heavyweight.”

F24.19. Pierleoni, Allen. “Between the Lines: Pulp Fiction - The Real Deal.” The Sacramento Bee, October 14, 2006.
    “The manuscript of “The Last Match” was completed in 1974, shortly before Dodge’s death, but was lost among his papers until its discovery last year.”

F24.20. Publishers Weekly 253, no. 32 (August 14, 2006): 185.
    “The on again/off again flirtation between the callused American swindler and the saucy British beauty is the delicious meat of the book.”

F24.21. Reasoner, James. “The Last Match/David Dodge.” Rough Edges, October 12, 2006.
    “Dodge’s breezy, fast-paced style is an absolute joy to read, and the scenes of local color on the Riviera and in South America are excellent.”

F24.22. Vicarel, Jo Ann. Library Journal 131, no. 10 (June 1, 2006): 97.
    Prepublication notice.

F24.23. Winter, James R. “Review: The Last Match by David Dodge.” North Coast Exile, October 27, 2006.
    “Entertaining as hell.”

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