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G. FILMS, RADIO DRAMAS, and SCREENPLAYS Based on Works by David Dodge

G1. Plunder of the Sun. CBS, 1949.
Radio broadcast. Originally aired November 8, 1949 as episode 96 of Escape. Produced and directed by William N. Robson. Adapted for radio by John Dunkel. Music by Del Castillo. Starring Paul Frees (Colby), Gerald Mohr (Jefferson), Lucille Meredith (Ana Luz); featuring Harry Bartell, Charlie Long, Tony Barrett.
Links: OTRcat | The Vintage Radio Place | Ultimate SciFi Radio

G2. Latimer, Jonathan. Plunder of the Sun: Screenplay. Warner Bros., August 15, 1952. 152 [i.e. 162] pp.
Screenplay. Printed on one side only.

G3. Plunder of the Sun. Warner Bros., 1953.
Feature film. Originally released August 26, 1953. Produced by Robert Fellows and John Wayne. Directed by John Farrow. Screenplay by Jonathan Latimer. Original music by Antonio Díaz Conde and Enrique Fabregat. Starring Glenn Ford (Al Colby), Diana Lynn (Julie Barnes), Francis L. Sullivan (Thomas Berrien), Patricia Medina (Anna Luz), Sean McClory (Jefferson), Douglass Dumbrille (consul), Eduardo Noriega (Raul Cornejo).
Links: Internet Movie Database | New York Times | TV Guide | E! Online | DVD Beaver | MRQE Reviews | Turner Classic Movies Notes & Programming Article
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G4. Hayes, John Michael. To Catch a Thief: Screenplay. Paramount Pictures, 1955. 115 pp.
Screenplay. Printed on one side only.

G5. To Catch a Thief. Paramount Pictures, 1955.
Feature film. Originally released September 1955. Produced and directed by Alfred Hitchcock. Screenplay by John Michael Hayes. Original music by Lyn Murray. Costume design by Edith Head. Starring Cary Grant (John Robie), Grace Kelly (Frances Stevens), Jessie Royce Landis (Mrs. Stevens), John Williams (Hughson), Charles Vanel (Bertani), Brigitte Auber (Danielle).
Links: Internet Movie Database | Wikipedia | New York Times | TV Guide | E! Online | The Greatest Films | DVD Beaver | MRQE Reviews | Turner Classic Movies Notes & Programming Article | Le Stuff’s Definitive Location Guide | “Villa des Bijoux” (short story inspired by the film)
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G6. Hunter, Evan. Angel’s Ransom. The Kaiser Aluminum Hour Unit Four, 1956. 96 pp.
Teleplay. Printed on one side only.

G7. Angel’s Ransom. NBC, 1956.
Made-for-television movie. Originally aired October 23, 1956 as episode 8 of The Kaiser Aluminum Hour. Produced and directed by Franklin Schaffner. Adapted for television by Evan Hunter. Starring Hume Cronyn (Holtz), Robert Sterling (Freddie), Geraldine Brooks (Marian), Paul Langton (Sam Blake), Pernell Roberts (Jacques), Christine Norden (Waleska), Zamah Cunningham (Laurette), Alan Ansara (Bruno).
Links: | Franklin J. Schaffner Collection, F&M College Library

G8. Christmas Eve at the Mermaid. Camino Real Productions, LLC, 2010.
Radio broadcast. Originally aired December 26, 2010 on KUNM (New Mexico) Radio Theatre. Produced and directed by Linda López McAlister. Music arranged and directed by Jane Ellen. Starring Busterlee Monarco (Will Shakespeare; Richard Burbage), Brianna Stallings (Jenny), Craig Myers (Francis Beaumont), Scott Sharot (John Fletcher), Neil Faulconbridge (Ben Jonson).
Links: Camino Real Productions, LLC | Listen online via Public Radio Exchange (PRX)

G9. Buchanan, Jean. To Catch a Thief. August 3, 2010. 53 pp.
Radio script. Printed on one side only.

G10. To Catch a Thief. BBC Radio 4, 2011.
Radio broadcast. Originally aired January 8, 2011 as The Saturday Play. Re-broadcast on December 14, 2012. Produced and directed by Sara Davies. Adapted for radio by Jean Buchanan. Starring Jeff Harding (John Robie), Jennifer Lee Jellicorse (Francie Stevens), Laura Brook (Mrs. Stevens), Alun Raglan (Paul), Simon Armstrong (Bellini), Aurelie Amblard (Danielle), Martin Soreell (French extras).
Links: BBC Press Release | Program Description | Guardian (UK) | Oxford Times | Writing with Hitchcock (Steven DeRosa) | The Rap Sheet | Mystery Fanfare | Le Stuff

G11. Atrapa a un ladrón. Viacom International Studios, 2019-
Television series. Began broadcasting on June 9, 2019 on the Paramount Network España (10 episodes in 2019). A Spanish-language TV remake of Alfred Hitchcock’s film, To Catch a Thief. Created by Javier Olivares and directed by Pablo Vasquez. Starring Alexandra Jiménez (Lola Garay) and Pablo Echarri (Juan Robles). Shot in Barcelona, Spain, and Argentina, it is the first production of Viacom International Studios for Paramount Network España.
Links: Internet Movie Database | Cinemagavia (Spanish) | Trailer (Spanish) | The Hollywood Reporter

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